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While exploring the numerous natural sites in the Orb/Jaur district, visitors can discover the greatly varied landscape of the foothills marked by a millennial agricultural tradition that brought our ancestors to shape the valleys and the hills according to what they produced.
Ruisseau d'Héric (The Stream that runs in the Gorge)
Ruisseau d’Héric (The Stream that runs in the Gorge)

Wine-growing in the southern part of the territory, with reputed wines from Berlou, Roquebrun or Vieussan, a fruit-growing production in the upper part of the Canton with cherries in the Jaur valley or the Olargues Chestnuts and some sheep raising in the upper part of the valley. The archaeological and architectural patrimony has been deeply influenced by this activity and you can visit the ruins of ancient roman sites and Visigothic vestiges, dolmens and other prehistoric caves while exploring the eleven communes in the Orb/Jaur valley.

The locally elected members of the district are the privileged guardians of this exceptional natural patrimony and they are eager to show everyone this yet unknown territory. Tourist activity is therefore an essential element in the economic development of the district.

The first work to be done was renovation and normalisation of tourist offices standards :

- Creation of a tourist information desk at Saint Etienne d’Albagnan in 1998 (Cost 23 801 € before tax).

- Renovation work to improve the reception of tourists at the Roquebrun Tourist Office in 2002. (Cost 55 454 € before tax).

- Renovation work to improve the reception of tourists in the Olargues Tourist Office in 2004. (Cost 52 133, 60 € before tax).

The Caroux hills
The Caroux hills

Improving the quantity and quality of our tourist proposals is our priority by modernising and diversifying tourist accommodation. The “Communauté des Communes” (the local administration governing body) has, in the last few years, taken part in the creation and development of accommodation for the public such as camp sites or open air residences, with notably the building of ten chalet/mobile home-type units in Roquebrun in 2006 (Cost 262 021 € before tax).

New projects are in progress such as the development of the Mons la Trivalle campsite (a complete renovation of the infrastructure for a programme in three phases over five years), as well as the chalet/mobile home-type development in Olargues on the Baous campsite.


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